Welcome to our Solid State Ionics Group led by Assoc. Prof. Stefan Adams in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National University of Singapore. In our group, we employ both experimental and computational approaches to search for new materials for sustainable energy applications. Our current focus is mainly Li and Na batteries. You can find out more about our research focus here.


15 Oct 2019 The paper "Stable lithium ion conducting thiophosphate solid electrolytes Lix(PS4)yXz (X = Cl, Br, I)" by R. Prasada Rao, H. Chen and S. Adams has been accepted for publication in Chem. Mater.
9 Oct 2019 A Nobel Prize for battery research!
Congratulations to Stan Whittingham, John Goodenough and Akira Yoshino.
19 Aug 2019 The paper "Mechanochemical synthesis of fast sodium ion conductor Na11Sn2PSe12 enables first sodium-selenium all-solid-state battery" by R. Prasada Rao, Zhang X., Phuah K.C. and S. Adams has been accepted for publication in J. Mater Chem. A.
31 July 2019 Congratulations to Zhang Xin and Dai Ruoyu for passing their Oral Qualifying Exams.
9 July 2019 A new test version of our bond valence site energy software tool softBV 1.1 , now with as simple graphic user interface, has been made available free of charge for ademic use on the Software page.
13 May 2019 Congratulations to Jing Zhou et al. for publishing the collaborative paper "Large spin-orbit torque efficiency enhanced by magnetic structure of collinear antiferromagnet IrMn" that just appeared in Science Advances 5, eaau6696 (2019).
23 Apr 2019 Congratulatons to Phuah Kia Chai for passing his Oral defense with his project "Solid-state Protected Lithium Anodes".

12 Apr 2019                            
The dinner tonight with current and past group members also served as a farewell dinner to Dr. Reddy (upper r.h.s.) who will leave Singapore in a few weeks to pursue a career in industrial battery research.

1 February 2019 The Paper H.Chen, L.L. Wong & S. Adams, SoftBV - a software tool for screening the materials genome of inorganic fast ion conductors Acta Crystallographica Section B: Structural Science, Crystal Engineering and Materials; 2019, B75 18-33
is just published and highlighted on the cover of the February 2019 issue of Acta Crystallographica B .

21 Dec 2018 The command-line version of the SoftBV software for BVSE pathway calculations has been uploaded in the Software section.

15 Oct 2018 Welcome to our new group member Dr. Yang Guang (Peter)

24 May 2018 Several manuscripts have recently been accepted:
The paper "The Superion Conductor Na11.1Sn2.1P0.9Se12: Lowering the Activation Barrier of Na+ Conduction in Quaternary 1-4-5-6 Electrolytes" arising from a colaboration with several German groups led by Prof. Steffie Dehnen will appear in Chemistry of Materials.
Dr. Rao's paper "Performance enhancement of Lithium-polysulphide batteries by Atomic Layer Deposition of Lithium Tantalate on Sulphide Solid Electrolytes"will appear in Solid State Ionics

7 May 2018 Congratulations to Lee Loong Wong for passing his Oral Defense.

24 April 2018 After 12 years of successfull research helping to shape our research group's profile, Dr. Rayavapu Prasada Rao leaves back to India to become Programme Coordinator at the Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (CMET) in Pune.

8 March 2018                            
Several collaborative manuscripts have recently been accepted or published including "Impact of electrical conductivity on the electrochemical performances of layered structure lithium trivanadate (LiV3-xMxO8, M= Zn/Co/Fe/Sn/Ti/Zr/Nb/Mo, x= 0.01-0.1) as a cathode materials for Energy storage" by P S. Kumar, S. Ayyasamy, E.S. Tok, S.Adams, M. Reddy in ACS Omega;
"Electrochemical and diffusional insights of combustion synthesized SrLi2Ti6O14 negative insertion material for Li-ion Batteries" by A. Dayamani, G. S. Shinde, A. Chaupatnaik, R. Prasada Rao, S. Adams, P. Barpanda in J. Power Sources.
"Determining Li+-Coupled Redox Targeting Reaction Kinetics of Battery Materials with Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy" by R.Yang et al. in J.Phys. Chem.Lett..

2 Feb. 2018 Two papers arising from undergraduate projects in our group have been published. MV Reddy, CY Quan, S Adams and
Mg, Cu, Zn doped Fe2O3 as an electrode material for Li-ion batteries Materials Letters 212, 186-192.
MV Reddy, TYA Chan, S Adams; Effect of molten salt synthesis temperature on TiO2 and Li cycling properties, Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 22 (2), 429-439

22 Dec. 2017 Congratulations to Meilin Li for passing her Oral Defense.

22 Dec. 2017 The paper Evaluation of magnesium ion migration in inorganic oxides by the bond valence site energy method arising from a collaboration with Panasonic Adv. Research Division appeared in Solid State Ionics.
20 Dec. 2017 The paper Marc Duchardt, Uwe Ruschewitz, Stefan Adams, Stefanie Dehnen and Bernhard Roling, Vacancy-Controlled Na+ Superion Conduction in Na11Sn2PS12 reporting the new record holder in room temperature Na+ ionic conductivity has been accepted by Angewandte Chemie.

6 Nov. 2017 Congratulations to Haomin Chen for passing his Oral Defense.

1-5 Oct. 2017 PI Adams gave an invited talk at the ECS coference in National Harbor.

26 Sep. 2017                            
The paper L. Sharma et al. Electrochemical and Diffusional Investigation of Na2FeIIPO4F Fluorophosphate Sodium Insertion Material Obtained from FeIII Precursor arising from a collaboration with the groups of P. Barpanda (IISc) and D. Aurbach (Bar-Ilan U) appears in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

6 -9 Sep 2017 Three group members (PI Adams, Dr. Reddy and Dr. Rao) gave invited talks at the 1st World Conference on Solid Electrolytes for Advanced Applications, Pondicherry/ India.

2 Aug. 2017 PI Adams joins the Editorial Board of Acta Crystallographica Section B Structural Science, Crystal Engineering and Materials. as Co-Editor.

Welcome to two new group members, Dai Ruoyu and Zhang Xin, who join as PhD students.

31 July 2017 Earlier this month both Haomin Chen and Li Meilin submitted their thesis and started to work in the local industry.

12 July 2017 In the commencement ceremony we say goodbye to the class of 2017 and that PhD students who finish in the past year, incl. our group member Yow Zhen Feng.                            

10 July 2017 Haomin Chen's paper "Bond softness sensitive bond-valence parameters for crystal structure plausibility tests" reporting an updated list of >700 softBV parameters (and an in depth analysis of the different possible conventions in their determination and use) is accepted for publication open access in IUCrJ.

18-23 June 2017 PI Adams and most of the group members were at the ICMAT 2017 conference here in Singapore. where we organised Symposium D "Advanced Batteries for Sustainable Technologies" along with our colleagues Venkataraman Thangadurai (U. Calgary / Canada), Qing WANG (NUS), Haoshen ZHOU(AIST, Japan):

At the same time Dr. R. Prasada Rao represented the group at SSI2017 in Padoa/Italy and LIBD Arcachon/France.

16-17 June 2017 PI Adams co-organised and contributed to the 1st joint workshop of the Materials Science and Engineering Departments of NUS and Seoul National University.

12-14 June 2017 PI Adams gave an invited talk at the 3rd International Freiberg Conference on Electrochemical Storage Materials.

4-7 June 2017 Dr. Dorsa Safanama presented her work inour Li-air battery project at the Metal Air battery Int. Conf. MaBIC in Huesca/Spain.

28 May
-1 June 2017
PI Adams gave invited talks at the 100th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition in Toronto and at the University of Calgary.

21 -26 May 2017 PI Adams gave an invited talk at the 12th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology in Waikoloa/Hawaii.

22 Apr. 2017                            
The paper D. Safanama & S. Adams, "Flexible Light-Weight Lithium-Ion-Conducting InorganicOrganic Composite Electrolyte Membrane " has been accepted for publication in "ACS Energy Letters"
7 Mar. 2017 The paper "Continuous nanobelts of nickel oxide-cobalt oxide hybrid with improved capacitive charge storage properties" arising from a co-operation with J. Rajan's group (U. Malaysia Pahang) has been accepted for publication in "Materials & Design" and
the paper "Thermochemical CO2 Splitting Using Double Perovskite-Type >Ba2Ca0.66Nb1.34-xFexO6-d" arising from a co-operation with V. Thangadurai's group (U Calgary) has been accepted or publication in J. Mater. Chem. A.
24 Feb. 2017                            
The paper L.L. Wong, H. Chen, S. Adams, "Design of fast ion conducting cathode materials for grid-scale sodium-ion batteries" has been accepted for publication in PCCP.
23 Jan. 2017
PI Adams appeared in a live interview in Channel News Asia to share his expert opinion on Samsung's investigation results about their recent battery failures.
20 Jan. 2017 The paper S. Petnikota et al., "Experimental Elucidation of Graphenothermal Reduction Mechanism of Fe2O3: An Enhanced Anodic Behavior of Exfoliated Reduced Graphene Oxide/Fe3O4 Composite in Li-Ion Batteries" arising from a collaboration with U. Hyderabad,NUS and NTU involving mainly Dr. Reddy has been accepted in J. Phys. Chem. C.
10 Jan. 2017                            
Dr. Rao's paper "Na3+xMxP1-xS4 (M = Ge4+, Ti4+, Sn4+) Enables High Rate All-Solid-State Na-ion Batteries Na2+2dFe2-d(SO4)3|Na3+xMxP1-xS4|Na2Ti3O7." is accepted for publication in J. Mater. Chem. A.
24-31 Dec. 2016 On Christmas and New Year Eve PI Adams was featured in several German radio stations, not for scientific achievements but for his activities in a multicultural brass band.
11-14 Dec. 2016 Wong Lee Loong and PI Adams gave presentationas at the Singapore International Chemistry Conference SICC9.
5-7 Dec. 2016 Several group members contributed to the MRS-S Trilateral Conference on Advanced Nanomaterials - Energy, Water & Healthcare here in Singapore. PI Adams gave an invited talk. Among the 4 posters presented by our group the contribution "Flexible Lightweight Inorganic - Organic Composite Membrane for Li-air Batteries" by Dorsasadat Safanama, Lim Hong Kit & Stefan Adams won one of the 3 best poster awards.
5 Dec. 2016 PI Adams gave an invited talk at the Asian Crystallographic Association Conference in Hanoi.
2 Dec. 2016 Congratulations to Yow Zhen Feng for passing his oral defense today.
27 -30 Nov. 2016 At the Asian Conference on Solid State Ionics in Patna/India our group is representd by 1 keynote talk (S. Adams), 2 invited talks (Dr. Reddy, Dr. Rao), 1 oral contribution and 3 posters.
During the meeting A/P Adams has also been re-elected as Secretary of the Asian Society for Solid State Ionics for 2016-2018.
21 Nov. 2016 The paper "Proton Enhanced Dynamic Battery Chemistry for Aprotic Li-O2 Batteries" arising from a collaboration between Wang Qing's and our group at MSE, Argonne National Lab Advanced Photon Source, Univ. of Western Australia, Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering collaboration is accepted for Publication in Nature Communications.Congratulations to the fist author Yun Guang Zhu from Wang Qing's group.
21 Nov. 2016 The paper "Synthesis and application of nanostructured MCo2O4(M=Co, Ni) for hybrid Li-air batteries" based on Audreay Tan's final year project (mentored by Dr. Reddy) is accepted for publication in Ionics.
19 Nov. 2016 Dorsa Safanama's manuscript "High Efficiency Aqueous and Hybrid Lithium-air Batteries enabled by Li1.5Al0.5Ge1.5(PO4)3 Ceramic Anode-protecting Membranes" has been accepted in J. Power Sources.
17 Nov. 2016 Congratulations to Kia Chai for passing his Oral QE.
27-29 July 2016 Several of our group members gave invited talks at the International Conference On Sustainable Energy Technologies for Smart and Clean Cities (SETS & CC) in Tirupati/India.
5 June 2016 Yow's paper "Effect of Li+/H+ exchange in water treated Ta-doped Li7La3Zr2O12" has been published in Solid State Ionics.
Dr. Reddy co-authored a paper "Co2Mo3O8/reduced graphene oxide composite: synthesis, characterization, and its role as a prospective anode material in lithium ion batteries"
5 May 2016 Dr. Reddy's paper "Effect of Initial Reactants and Reaction Temperature on Molten Salt Synthesis of CuCo2O4 and its Sustainable Energy Storage Properties" has been accepted for publication in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering.
4 May 2016 Congratulations to Gu Wenyi for
passing her Oral Defense.
19 Apr. 2016 PI Adams gave an invited presentation at the American Ceramic Society "Materials Challenges in Alternative & Renewable Energy 2016" conference in Clearwater/Florida
8 Apr. 2016 Dorsa's paper "Structural evolution of NASICON-type Li1+xAlxGe2-x(PO4)3 using in situ synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction" involving a collaboration with UNSW and the Australian Synchrotron has been accepted for publication in Journal of Materials Chemistry A.
The paper "Exfoliated Graphene Oxide/MoO2 Composites as Anode Materials in Li Ion Batteries: An Insight into Intercalation of Li and Conversion Mechanism of MoO2" arising from a collaboration with between U Hyderabad, NUS and involving als a team of students from NUS High School (mentored by Dr. Reddy) has been accepted in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.
7 Apr. 2016 Congratulations to Dorsa Safanama for passing her Oral Defense.
19 Mar. 2016 The paper "Probing Surface Valence, Magnetic Property, and Oxide Ion Diffusion Pathways in B-Site Ordered Perovskite-type Ba2Ca0.67M0.33NbO6-d (M = Mn, Fe, Co)" arising from the collaboration with the group of Prof. Thangadurai at U Calgary has been accepted for publcication in Solid State Ionics.
24 Feb. 2016 Dr. Rao's paper "Membranes for Rechargeable Lithium Sulphur Semi-flow Batteries" has been accepted for publication in Journal of Materials Science.