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    Our research interest spans from the fundamental understanding of charge propagations in mesoscopic energy conversion and storage systems, to the development of new approaches for advanced electrochemical/photoelectrochemical energy conversion and storage. On the basis of redox targeting reactions of battery materials, we are currently working on a new battery technology redox flow X-batteries, for next generation large-scale energy storage. We have been collaborating with colleagues across the campus of NUS and from other research institutions in Singapore. We also have close contact with research labs in China, Europe and the US. We welcome highly motivated students and researchers to pursue their academic career with us.


  1. Dr. Wang attended 2018 Annual Meeting of International Coalition for Energy Storage & Innovation (ICESI) held at Dalian, China on 17-19 Jan. 2018, and presented a keynote speech on “Redox Targeting based Flow Batteries”. (21.01.2018)

  2. Ruiting’s paper on “SECM studies of redox targeting reaction kinetics” was accepted for publication in JPCL. (12.01.2018)

  3. Dr. Wang received NRF Investigatorship Award (Class 2018). A new project on “E-blood: Simultaneous Powering and Cooling of Microchips for Energy Resilient and Power Efficient Computing” will be conducted with the support of the award. (29.11.2017)

  4. Yunguang passed PhD thesis defense entitled “Study of Redox Flow Lithium-Oxygen Battery for Large-Scale Energy Storage”. (22.11.2017)

  5. Dr. Wang attended the ECS232 meeting held at National Harbor, MD, USA, and presented a keynote talk on “Redox Flow Lithium-oxygen Batteries”. (06.10.2017)

  6. Mingyue’s paper on “Nernstian Potential Driven Redox Targeting Reactions” which introduces a universal approach of mitigating the voltage loss of RFXB, was accepted for publication in CHEM. This work is a collaboration with Prof. Randriamahazaka and his team at Paris 7. (03.10.2017)

  7. Farewell lunch for Chuankun and Fan Li. All the best for your future endeavors! (28.09.2017)

  8. Our flow battery system was on show at the Inaugural sustainABLE NUS Showcase. The technology was highlighted by NUS President in the opening remarks. (29.08.2017)

  9. Wang Xun joined our group as a PhD student. Welcome! (07.08.2017)

  10. Fan Li passed PhD thesis defense entitled “STUDY ON REDOX TARGETING REACTIONS FOR SOLAR ENERGY CONVERSION AND STORAGE”. (03.07.2017)

  11. Yunguang received “Best Poster Award” at ICMAT-2017. (23.06.2017)


  1. :: Department of Materials Science & Engineering :: National University of Singapore :: Block E2, #05-27, 5 Engineering Drive 2, Singapore 117579 :: +65-6516 7118(DID) :: +65-6776 3604 (Fax) :: qing.wang@nus.edu.sg (E) :: www.mse.nus.edu.sg (W) 

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