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    Our research interest spans from the fundamental understanding of charge propagations in mesoscopic energy conversion and storage systems, to the development of new approaches for advanced electrochemical/photoelectrochemical energy conversion and storage. On the basis of redox targeting reactions of battery materials, we are currently working on a disruptively new battery technology -- redox flow X-batteries, for next generation large-scale energy storage. We have been collaborating with colleagues across the campus of NUS through NanoCore, and from other research institutions in Singapore. We also have close contact with research labs in China, Europe and the US. We welcome highly motivated students and researchers to pursue their academic career with us.


  1. Yunguang’s paper on a new bifunctional redox molecule for LiFePO4-based redox flow battery was accepted for publication in JACS. Congrats! (25.04.2017)

  2. Yunguang received the “2016 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad” at the Prize Giving Ceremony at the Chinese embassy in Singapore. Congrats! (16.04.2017)

  3. Thomas Goh joined our group as a research engineer. Welcome aboard! (28.03.2017)

  4. Yunguang received the 2016 Best Publication Award for graduate students in MSE. Congrats! (28.02.2017)

  5. Fan Li’s paper on “Redox Catalysis for the Counter electrode of Dye-sensitized Solar cells” was accepted for publication in ChemElectroChem. The work is a collaboration with Dr. Jennings at UBD, Dr. Zakeeruddin and Prof. Grätzel at EPFL. Congrats! (20.02.2017)

  6. Dr. Wang attended the “2017 Next Generation Energy Storage” conference and gave an invited talk on the progress of redox targeting based flow batteries. (16.02.2017)

  7. Fan Li’s paper on “Photo-rechargeable Redox Flow Battery” was accepted for publication in ACS Energy Letters. It is the first of the kind using redox-targeting concept to stabilize the concentration of redox mediators upon photo-charging and to significantly boost the energy density of the system. Congrats! (03.02.2017)

  8. BBQ gathering at Heritage View before Chinese New Year. (14.01.2017)

  9. Yunguang received the “Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad”. Congrats! (20.12.2016)

  10. Yunguang’s paper on “Proton Enhanced Li-oxygen Battery Dynamics” was accepted for publication in Nature Communications. This is a collaborative study with A/P Adams group @ MSE, and colleagues from NIMTE, ANL and UWA. Congrats! (17.12.2016)


  1. :: Department of Materials Science & Engineering :: National University of Singapore :: Block E2, #05-27, 5 Engineering Drive 2, Singapore 117579 :: +65-6516 7118(DID) :: +65-6776 3604 (Fax) :: qing.wang@nus.edu.sg (E) :: www.mse.nus.edu.sg (W) 

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